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Practice club dance???

"How come - my students ask - we have to practice dance but people who we see on the dance floor just do it so effortlessly? They don’t practice, yet they look great".

Well..they do practice - I say - they just don’t consider it practice. They simply dance. Have you ever seen a guy or a girl in the club who seems to be in the zone, dancing like crazy, not necessarily blending in :) (not talking about those who drank one too many). They may look weird but guess what - that’s their practice. What differs you from that person is the fact that you actually care what others think about you; the “crazy-looking-one” doesn’t.

That person will after a while develop better listening skills and coordination and soon enough won’t remind you of a squirrel on drugs. That person will in fact start to look pretty decent on the dance floor! Eventually he will become that person you stare at wondering how does he do it without practice…

Next time when you’re on the dance floor, just do it, just let it least try… be the retarded one :) It’s fun! Plus you can always blame it on the alcohol afterwards (even if you didn’t have any)

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Rhythm…never too much?

I noticed something interesting today as I was teaching a new student who claimed he has no rhythm. He backed up his statement by giving me a short demonstration of what he can do. What I said to him afterwards surprised us both. (It surprised me as it was the first time I came to such an unexpected conclusion when watching someone dance). I told him that little or no rhythm was not at all his issue. He had TOO MUCH rhythm. That’s exactly what it looked like. He was trying to dance on everything he has heard in that song: primary percussion, secondary, bass, vocals…you name it – he was on it. The problem with it was that it was lacking harmony; it was all over the place.

Why not choosing one layer and sticking to it? That way, what you want to express is clear and you’re not risking being called a crazy looking individual.

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To understand how much you’ve accomplished in your learning process you always have to remember how you started.

On those days when you lack motivation, it is good to remember your first class and how much you’ve improved since then. Then imagine yourself being only at the halfway mark and how much better you will get in the future if you keep the same focus…

Keep it motivated people!

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Check this out. Suppose your teacher makes you repeat a specific exercise each time you’re in class. Suppose you don’t have the slightest idea what purpose it serves but you keep doing it regardless. Your teacher happily keeps drilling the exercise - after all it is a part of the class routine. Let’s say the class is 60mins long and you’re spending 10mins out of it on something you find useless. Where is that getting you?

Why not communicating it to your teacher? A good teacher will ask if you understand the concept and purpose of the exercise before you even speak out about it. If you don’t get it, he or she should readily explain the reason behind it (for the third time if necessary but this time making sure it covers all your concerns). In some cases the teacher might have misinterpreted your goals - the exercise may indeed be pointless and a waste of significant portion of class. If that occurs it should be modified or omitted.

But don’t keep doing something just to make your teacher happy. It’s not about your teacher!


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Lately I’ve been asking my students about their previous instructors and their approach to Q&A situations.

We came to a conclusion that it’s a pretty good criterion for the evaluation of your teacher.

Does your teacher encourage you to ask questions? Does he make sure you comprehend what’s being shown to you? After the class does he welcome questions or rather “pushes” you out the door?

Start paying attention to those “details”. It is your learning experience we’re talking about!

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If you don’t understand something - ASK!

The teacher will give you another explanation, making sure you understand introduced concept. Don’t just say "I understand" because that way your instructor will assume that the problem is solved and you will wonder why you are still making the same mistake. Asking questions is a clear sign for your teacher that you’re serious about your learning experience. Simply, that’s how you learn!

Ps. It’s a good way to check your teacher’s knowledge too :-) go ahead and test your teacher!

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